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Trusting God’s Timing

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Hallelujah!  What a Savior! Wasn’t that a great day at church?  Resurrection Day service followed by baptisms was a great way to celebrate our Savior.  I was reminded on Sunday about Luke 15:7, when Jesus said, “Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”  The joy of our people hearing testimonies and observing baptisms was heaven-like.  What a day!  

God’s Timing

Like many of you, I started a new bible reading plan at the beginning of the year.  I’m using the Discipleship Journal plan which has 25 reading days in four different sections of the Bible.  I’ve enjoyed it.  

Since it’s early in the year, one section I’m reading through is the Pentateuch (first five books).  In Deuteronomy 10:22, I was struck by this: “Your fathers went down to Egypt seventy persons, and now the Lord your God has made you as numerous as the stars of heaven.”  Moses is writing to the people of Israel during their wilderness wandering to the Promised Land.  They saw God miraculously deliver them from Egypt.   They’ve experienced God’s hand of provision and discipline.  And they are a massive people.  

In this reminder, Moses reminds them of who they were, as a people, when they first went into Egypt during Joseph’s administration, at the end of Genesis.  There were seventy people.  After 400 years of slavery in Egypt, they were massive.  

Just think that it took 400 years for them to become so large that they could go take the Promised Land.  But prior to 400 years, they weren’t ready.  I’m sure that at some point during their time in Egypt, they wondered when they would be delivered. I’m sure they were challenged by making bricks and the harsh treatment of the Egyptians.  I’m sure they were tired of the derision.  How long, O Lord?  But God always knew.  He would bring them out, when they were numerous enough to take the Promised Land and not a day before.  

When I read this and meditate about it, it makes me think of the many times when I question God’s timing.  When will God make all things new, as He promised?  When will God bring revival?  When will God provide a new building for CLF?  When will the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl (just kidding on that one and what a false hope!)?  But you get the point.  Maybe some are asking:  when will God provide a spouse?  When will He provide a new house?  When, when, when…

Deuteronomy 10:22 reminds us that God will do it in His timing and not a day sooner.  And His timing will mean that we’re ready for it.  

As I said on Sunday, I’ve thought about this regarding God restoring our nation and culture to our Christian heritage.  What I am convinced of is that God is expanding His gospel more and more and when the time is right, He will do His work.  But not a day sooner.  And when it comes, it will be in his timing.  

Looking Ahead

This Sunday, we’re jumping back into Genesis and will study Genesis 25.  Abraham dies and we’re introduced to Jacob and Esau.  Fun, fun.    

From the Cheap Seats

  • A couple of my golfing friends sent me this video from Scotty Scheffler:  https://www.instagram.com/reel/C44EiQxvLgr/.  Scotty is the world’s #1 ranked golfer.  This will help you see how to represent Christ no matter where you are.  
  • Speaking of golf:  One of the guys in our church recently asked me how many guys in our church play golf and I had no idea.  He asked because he would like to play golf with more guys from the church.  So, if you play golf, would you be willing to reply to this email?  
  • Herb Wall sent the attached picture to me at the church office (Thanks, Herb!).  
  • Many of you asked how my trip to Arizona went with our baseball team from UVC.  We went 1-3 and played two really good teams that were much bigger than us.  Got blown out by one (the best small school team we’ve played in my 25 years at UVC) and no-hit by the other (one of the top 5 arms we’ve seen in my 25 years at UVC).  But we had a great time:).  We had great conversations as a team.  I had great talks with individual players.  And I got to play golf with one of my former players (Isaac Graham).  The only thing missing was my wife:).  

Have a great week! Christ is King!

In Christ, 

Dave York

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Disagreeing with Grace

I’m writing this on Memorial Day.  Like many of you, we will enjoy the day of rest, eat good food, and have family over for a BBQ.  It’s the official start of summer, and outdoor weather is here.  But today, my mind is drawn to another year of great freedoms in our great country.  I thank God for those who served in the military and your friends who gave their lives for our freedoms. Those freedoms should never be taken lightly; we should be grateful for them and the sacrifices paid to earn them.  God has been kind to us, and one of the great gifts He’s given us is the nation in which we live.  


Unraveling the Unconventional

When you read this prophecy in Genesis 25:23, it’s essential to see this correctly.  In the stories of Isaac/Ishmael and Jacob/Esau, the older will serve the younger.  But we could also say the first will serve the last.  Just because something comes first in order does not mean it’s first in prominence.  

Think of Adam.  Adam is called the first Adam.  Jesus is called the last Adam.  See?  

The world’s system values the order of things: first in class, firstborn, and first in position.  God values something else.

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