Cherishing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Marriage Retreat

March 10-12 in Bandon, OR

$125 per couple

Join us in beautiful Bandon, OR for a special weekend. Special guests, Andy and Jill Farmer, will be discussing the gift of marriage. Each couple is required to pay $125 at registration. Lodging must be obtained on your own. We hope to see you all there!


A Christian Church serving God’s people in Roseburg, Oregon. Life at Covenant Life Fellowship is much more than just Sunday mornings. With community groups, study groups, classes, and more, there are plenty of ways be a part of our church-family. Taking care of God’s people is our passion.

God the Father is the Creator of heaven and earth. By his word and for his glory, he freely and supernaturally created the world of nothing. Through the same Word he daily sustains all his creatures. He rules over all and is the only Sovereign. His plans and purposes cannot be thwarted. He is faithful to every promise, works all things together for good to those who love him, and in his unfathomable grace gave his Son Jesus Christ for mankind’s redemption. He made man for fellowship with himself, and intended that all creation should live to the praise of his glory.

The Sunday Gathering

8:30 am & 10:30 am

We hope to see you at church on Sunday!

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Sunday Prayer

Sunday Prayer

Every Sunday at 8:00 am

Just as the biblical saints expressed their desires for salvation, healing, the victory of God’s appointed king, the gathering of the Church, and more, we will offer our desires to God in prayer.

*This is only a prayer meeting. It is not part of our corporate Sunday gathering. 

Ladies' Night Out

Cookies, Coffee, and Conversation

Speaker: Julie Cherry

February 10th at 7:00 PM

Men's Breakfast

February 18th at 8:00 AM

Take a Saturday morning and study alongside the men in the church. We will take some time to consider the shortness of our lives— as sons, fathers, husbands, and men— and ask, “what will be the most important in the end?”

New Members Class

A two day event to get to know your church.

February 24th at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
February 25th at 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Marriage Retreat

Bandon, OR

$125 per couple

*does not include lodging
March 10th - 12th

Join us in beautiful Bandon, OR for a special weekend. Special guests, Andy and Jill Farmer, will be discussing the gift of marriage. Each couple is required to pay $125 at registration. Lodging must be obtained on your own. We hope to see you all there!

Church Campout

Bastendorff Beach Park

July 24th - 30th

More details coming soon.

Cherishing The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Everyday life at Covenant Life Fellowship.


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Posts, News, and Musings

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So Much to Genesis One and Two

As I said in Sunday’s 2nd service, I firmly believe that one reason why the church has lost its voice in the gender discussion in our culture is that we have compromised the gender roles in the church.  We have failed to honor gender roles, protect gender roles, and deeply value one another.  

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The Outpost

So, when we look around the world today and see the confusion about any of the issues listed in Genesis 2, we need to realize that it’s because sin and Satan have clouded our vision of what God intended and why God gave us these things.  There is no confusion with God.  The confusion is with us.  We want something other than what He lovingly gave us.  That’s the issue with us and our world.  

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A Reminder, Hypocrisy, and Genesis

One point of clarity that I want to bring up from Sunday is that I believe there should be a time to discuss things like “old-earth,” “young-earth,” science challenges to the Bible, and so forth.  I just don’t think that it has a place in the pulpit for a Sunday morning gathering.  I think the point of that moment is to preach the author’s intent and draw conclusions for the congregation from the author’s intent.  

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A Great Start

Sunday, as I got up to prepare for our Sunday gathering, I knew that preparing my heart was more important than re-reading my sermon manuscript.  The Lord was working on me, and I knew it.  There were issues in my heart that needed to be addressed before my Maker, and He was already pursuing me. So as I bowed my head to pray at my kitchen table, He graciously reminded me that my identity was not in what I was about to do (preach and lead CLF), but my identity was found before Him.  I was made to worship God and represent Him on this earth.  I am a child of God before I am anything else.  That’s my true identity.

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His Teaching, Not Mine

This past week as I was reading through the gospel of John, I came across this verse in John 7:16, “So Jesus answered them, ‘My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me.’”  As I sat and considered this statement, there were a few things that struck me: 1) Jesus’ humility continues to amaze me, 2) Jesus’ understanding that He was here to do His Father’s business,  and 3) this is our calling as Christians and every pastor’s calling.  

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From Prophets to the Prophecy

Sunday’s sermon from Isaiah 9:6-7 was so much fun.  It was fun because of the example I just gave.  But it was also fun because our series from the Minor Prophets that we had just finished prepared us for some of the history of Isaiah’s text.  

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