Cherishing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


God the Father is the Creator of heaven and earth. By his word and for his glory, he freely and supernaturally created the world of nothing. Through the same Word he daily sustains all his creatures. He rules over all and is the only Sovereign. His plans and purposes cannot be thwarted. He is faithful to every promise, works all things together for good to those who love him, and in his unfathomable grace gave his Son Jesus Christ for mankind’s redemption. He made man for fellowship with himself, and intended that all creation should live to the praise of his glory.


2 Services On July 19th

8:30 am & 10:30 am

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Vacation Bible School

August 3 - 6

At Mystery Island, we’ll uncover the truth about our Creator God! There’s a sea of confusion about who God is and what he’s like, so we’ll track down the one true God and learn how amazing he is through the pages of Scripture.

Cherishing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Gospel Power – Morning Musings

For the first time since starting 3 services, I finally “hit the wall” in the 12:00 service yesterday.  I preached about 10-15 minutes shorter and when I got done, I thought that I might’ve left something out!  So, if you were in that service and you felt gypped 😂, get the video/audio from the website tomorrow.  But man, was I tired.  Not sure what happened.   Now, onto

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Bought With A Price – Morning Musings

Well, Sunday with 90/service went off without a hitch.  Amazing Sunday!  I’m very grateful for the way you have navigated through this season.  CLF, you continue to amaze me with your gratitude, generosity, and eagerness.  Thank you.   Here are several things from Sunday’s sermon that I didn’t cover: Christian Freedoms with food/drink: One of the issues in 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 that we didn’t cover was how

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Such Were Some of You – Morning Musings

Sunday was one of the smoother Sundays for us, since we started the re-opening. There was a great spirit at church and many remarked about how great it was to be back in the building. We agree. As Dave Quilla has said often…those of us doing the services each Sunday get to see 75 people each week. It’s been awesome.  One of

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Shame On You – Morning Musings

There’s a ton to get to after Sunday’s message, so let me say a few things at the outset: This is a little longer post than normal, so I’ve tried to highlight the various sections so you can skip to things that might interest you more.   I will be putting something this week about the President’s comments on Friday about churches and

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Lessons in the Pandemic – Morning Musings

A full day of services, preaching 3 services, and hearing other voices in the church building…let the musings begin. Sunday’s services: I cannot tell you how excited I was (and am) about Sunday’s services.  It’s the first time since March 15th that we had an in-person church service.  I didn’t sleep well (more on that in a moment) but I was full of faith

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Beautifully Commending the Gospel – Morning Musings

We put out an important video this past Saturday and I want to take on that, so you can hear a little more of our thought process.  You can see that video here:  Also, I wanted to give some of the quotes from Sunday’s sermon and also talk about why I did what I did on Sunday to help you see the importance of

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