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This past Sunday we started a new sermon series on the Sufficiency of Scripture. It was fun. There are times and themes that we teach on periodically that are just a blast to talk about. And this one is one of those themes for me. I can’t wait to learn throughout this month how Scripture is sufficient to equip me, help me overcome my sin, and to help me counsel/encourage my friends.

One of the things I said I would I do this week for you is post different Bible reading plans. My hope in doing this is not to give you something that is a “to-do” list item, but rather to give you some ideas on how you can read the Bible as the revelation of God. Remember, the Bible is given to us to help us know God personally. My prayer in giving you these plans is that you will know God, enjoy God, and develop an intense passion for His glory.

So, here’s a list of different reading plans:
5-day reading plan. This plan gives you 5 days of reading per week and gets you through the Bible in a year.
52 week reading plan. This is a fascinating plan that focuses on the different genres in Scripture on different days. This plan will get you through the Bible in a year.
5 x 5 x 5 reading plan. This plan is 5 days a week, reading 5 minutes a day. This will get you through the New Testament in year.
Chronological reading plan. This plan is gets you through the Bible in a year reading it in the order.
Discipleship Journal reading plan. This is one of my favorite plans because you read through the Bible by reading through 4 different sections of Scripture each day. For instance, on Day 1, you’ll read Genesis 1, Psalm 1, Matthew 1 and Acts 1. The benefit to this type of reading is that you begin to see how the Bible works together and how different sections quote different portions of Scripture.
Historical reading plan. This plan gets you through the Bible in one year by reading the books of the Bible in the order that they were authored. It might surprise you to know that the Bible is not organized chronologically in the order that the books were authored. This plan puts you in a chronological order of when books were authored.
Robert Murray M’Cheyne reading plan. Another one of my favorites because it takes you through different sections of the Bible. In one year you’ll read through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the Old Testament once.
Tabletalk reading plan. This is a straightforward plan with a reading from the Old Testament and a reading from the New Testament.

There you go. I hope this helps. Remember, let’s not just read our Bibles. Let’s know God, enjoy God, fellowship with God, and glorify God, as we read our Bibles.

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