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The Death of Abraham


In this powerful sermon based on Genesis 25:1-11, we explore the enduring faithfulness of God to His promises and the reciprocal faithfulness of His people. Here’s the big idea: God is faithful to His promises, and His people are faithful to Him. God’s people are precious to Him.

Points Explored:

1. God is faithful to His promise: Dive into the unyielding faithfulness of God as we witness His fulfillment of promises throughout the narrative of Genesis.

2. The Father of Faith and the Life of Faith: Explore the life of Abraham, the patriarch known as the “Father of Faith”, and discover the profound implications of living a life of faithfulness in response to God’s promises.

3. The Work of God Continues: Witness the continuation of God’s work through the generations as we reflect on how His faithfulness transcends time and impacts the lives of His people.

Join us as we uncover these transformative truths and draw inspiration from the unwavering faithfulness of our God. May this sermon ignite a deeper understanding of God’s promises and a renewed commitment to living faithfully in His service.

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